Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
9-Mar-86 RR Hartlepool Road Race 1st  
14-Mar-86 Award Cleveland Sports Personality of the Year    
16-Mar-86 RR Hartlepool Road Race 1st  
22-Mar-86 Hilly Leeds Wellington Hilly 1st  
23-Mar-86 RR Middridge CRT Spring Road Race 2nd Phil Bateman
1-Apr-86 Stage Girvan Three-Day (Stage 2) 2nd Deno Davie
2-Apr-86 Stage Girvan Three-Day (Stage 4) 1st  
4-Apr-86 StageRace Girvan Three-Day 5th Overall Martin Coll
6-Apr-86 RR Archer Grand Prix 3rd Wayne Randle
11-Apr-86 Stage Tour de Loire-et-Cher (Stage 3) 4th Stephniewski (Pol)
12-Apr-86 Stage Tour de Loire-et-Cher (Stage 4) 1st  
20-Apr-86 RR Hyde Star Trophy 20th A. Gornall
27-Apr-86 Stage Manchester to Rhyl Two-Day (Stage 2) 1st  
27-Apr-86 StageRace Manchester to Rhyl Two-Day 1st Overall  
1-May-86 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 1) 4th  
2-May-86 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 2 TT) 8th  
2-May-86 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 3) 8th John Tonks
3-May-86 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 4) 5th  
4-May-86 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 5) 2nd Rene Bittinger (Fr)
4-May-86 StageRace Circuit des Mines 1st Overall  
11-May-86 RR Lincoln Grand Prix 1st  
20-May-86 Stage Tour of Limburg (Stage 3) 2nd Ludo Dierckxsens (Bel)
20-May-86 Stage Tour of Limburg (Stage 4) 2nd Geert Smeyers
20-May-86 Stage Tour of Limburg (Stage 5 TT) 4th Wilfried Peeters
20-May-86 StageRace Tour of Limburg 2nd Overall Guido Verdeyen (Bel)
7-Jun-86 StageRace The Milk Race 6th Overall Joey McLoughlin (GB)
20-Jun-86 RR Manx International Road Race 3rd Brian Fowler (NZ)
24-Jun-86 Crit' South Shields 'Geordie' Criterium 4th Mark Walsham
6-Jul-86 RR Vaux Grand Prix 8th Graeme Miller (NZ)
8-Jul-86 RR Cleveland Coureurs Australian Pursuit 2nd Dave Lund
13-Jul-86 RR Bristol Grand Prix 3rd Graeme Miller (NZ)
19-Jul-86 RR National Amateur Road Race Championship 9th Deno Davie
20-Jul-86 Points Cleveland Points Race 2nd Tony Doyle
20-Jul-86 Scratch McLean Homes 8km Scratch 1st  
20-Jul-86 Scratch Cleveland Grand Prix 20km Scratch 2nd Tony Doyle
25-Jul-86 TTT Commonwealth Games TTT Championship 1st  
27-Jul-86 RR Jackson Trophy Road Race 1st  
2-Aug-86 RR Commonwealth Games Road Race Championship 1st  
15-Aug-86 StageRace Hainaut Tour (Belgium) 5th Overall ? (Belgium)
1-Sep-86 RR World Amateur Road Race Championship 48th Uwe Ampler (EG)
14-Sep-86 RR Tour of the Peak 2nd Jon Clay
18-Sep-86 Award Stockton 'Medal for Achievements'    
21-Sep-86 RR Leeds RRC Open 1st  
28-Sep-86 '25' Sunderland Clarion Open '25' 1st (55-37)
5-Oct-86 RR Houghton Feast Road Race 1st  
11-Oct-86 Hilly Roxby Wheelers Open Hilly 1st  
12-Oct-86 Hill climb Roxby Wheelers Open Hill Climb 1st (Course record)
28-Oct-86 Hill climb National Hill Climb Championship 4th Darryl Webster
28-Oct-86 Hill climb National Hill Climb Championship (Team) 1st  
31-Dec-86 Series Star Trophy Series 1st