Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
15-Feb-94 Stage Rapport Tour (Stage 10) 1st  
16-Feb-94 StageRace Rapport Tour (South Africa) 23rd Overall M. Rich
7-Mar-94 Stage Giro Del Capo (Stage 3) 3rd ?
8-Mar-94 StageRace Giro Del Capo 35th Overall A. McClean
20-Mar-94 Hilly Porthole Grand Prix 6th Gethin Butler 48-22 (Paul 50-35)
27-Mar-94 TTT Atlanta Saw Company 50km TTT 1st  
4-Apr-94 StageRace Girvan Three-Day 5th Overall Ian Gilkes
10-Apr-94 RR Archer Grand Prix 1st  
8-May-94 Stage Skelton Two-Day (Stage 1 TT) 6th Rob Harris
10-May-94 Stage Skelton Two-Day (Stage 3) 2nd Steve Farrell
10-May-94 StageRace Skelton Two-Day 1st Overall  
22-May-94 RR Northern Velo Road Race 2nd Norman Dunn
28-May-94 MotorPace Zurich International 40km Motor-Pace Event 4th P. Stiger
5-Jun-94 RR North Midlands Division Road Race Championship 5th Mark Lovatt
11-Jun-94 TTT Unity CC 50km TTT 1st (1-1-30)
12-Jun-94 RR Joe Robinson Memorial Road Race 1st  
19-Jun-94 RR Beaumont Trophy 1st  
21-Jun-94 RR Bishopton Handicap Road Race 2nd Chris Newton
23-Jun-94 MotorPace Zurich International 30km Motor-Pace Event 4th Arno Kuttel
26-Jun-94 RR Stan Robson Memorial Road Race 1st  
28-Jun-94 RR Bishopton Handicap Road Race 1st  
2-Jul-94 MotorPace Herne Hill Track Meeting Motor-Pace Event 1st  
3-Jul-94 RR National Amateur Road Race Championship 4th Rob Harris
9-Jul-94 MotorPace National Motor-Pace Championship 1st  
17-Jul-94 MotorPace Nurnberg International Motor-Pace Event 4th R. Konishoffer
30-Jul-94 Points National 50km Points Race Championship 6th Simon Lillistone
31-Jul-94 RR Northumberland Road Race 14th Chris Lillywhite
2-Aug-94 Scratch Impsport Masters 20km 2nd Russell Williams
2-Aug-94 Devil Impsport Masters Elimination 2nd Russell Williams
9-Aug-94 RR AXA Equity & Law Grand Prix 1st  
16-Aug-94 RR Great Fair Road Race 1st  
19-Aug-94 MotorPace World Motor-Pace Championship 5th C. Podlesh
4-Sep-94 Devil Travelwise Devil 1st  
4-Sep-94 Scratch Cleveland Grand Prix 20km Scratch 6th Jacob Piil
5-Sep-94 Stage On the Edge (Stage 1) 1st  
5-Sep-94 Stage On the Edge (Stage 2) 2nd Mark Lovatt
6-Sep-94 Stage On the Edge (Stage 3) 2nd Mike Harrison
6-Sep-94 StageRace On the Edge Two-Day 1st Overall  
11-Sep-94 RR Bosswipe Grand Prix 1st  
17-Sep-94 Madison National 80km Madison Championship 3rd B. Steel & R. Hayles
18-Sep-94 RR Tour of the Peak 4th Simeon Hempsall
29-Sep-94 TTT National 100km TTT Championship 3rd North Wirral
29-Sep-94 RR Haverhill Grand Prix Bunch Chris Lillywhite
11-Oct-94 RR GEP International Road Race 1st  
22-Oct-94 RR Japan Cup 20th ? (France)
27-Oct-94 MotorPace Dortmund 6-Day - Motor-Pace 4th Overall C. Podlesh