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NATIONAL Motor-Pace Championship

Curran in a class of his own

DEFENDING the title he won on his debut at Leicester last year, Paul Curran (Optimum Performance RT) was in a class of his own in the national motor-paced championships staged by the BCF South East London Division at Herne Hill on Saturday.

Spencer Wingrave (Futurama-Creatabolin) led for the first four laps in the first of two 25km heats, but once Curran had his nose in front there was no stopping him.

Riding smoothly, with his front wheel within an inch of pacer Howard Broughton's roller for the whole race, Curran went on to take four laps out of Wingrave, paced by his uncle Paul Wingrave.

Russell Williams (Geoffrey Butler Cycles) was a further two laps down in third place, and it was the same again in the second heat.

The main loser was last year's bronze medallist Paul Gerrard (Rhyl RC), paced by Roy Cox, who finished fourth in heat one and slipped to sixth of the seven contenders in his second ride.

Heat 1

Paul Curran (Optimum Performance RT, pacer Howard Broughton) 25km in 22-10.0; 2, S. Wingrave (Futurama-Creatabolin, Paul Wingrave) at 4 laps; 3, R. Williams (G. Butler Cycles, Colin Denman) at 6 laps; 4, P. Gerrard (Rhyl RC, Roy Cox); 5, K. Gill (Aero BC, John Davey); 6, K. Reed (Clarence Wh, Derek Marloe); 7, S. Barnsley (Offtex-Dauphin Sport, Graham Bristow).

Heat 2

Paul Curran 25km in 22-23.0; 2, S. Wingrave at 4 laps; 3, R. Williams at 6 laps; 4, K. Gill; 5, K. Reed; 6, P. Gerrard; 7, S. Barnsley.

Final Overall

1. Paul Curran (Optimum Performance RT, Howard Broughton) 100 pt
2. S. Wingrave 70
3. R. Willams 50
4. K. Gill 28
5. P. Gerrard 23
6. K. Reed 28
7. S. Barnsley 10.