Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
6-Mar-93 2-Up Hull Thursday 2-Up '25'  

Boardman Longbottom 50-27
(Paul 53-38 solo)

13-Mar-93 '10' Clifton CC Open '10'   J. Ramsbottom 21-04 (Paul 22-05)
14-Mar-93 RR Neil White Memorial Road Race 5th Chris Newton
28-Mar-93 RR Bishop's Castle Road Race 10th Brian Smith
4-Apr-93 RR Archer Grand Prix 11th Dave Williams
12-Apr-93 StageRace Girvan Three-Day 12th Overall Keith Reynolds
18-Apr-93 RR Welwyn-Hatfield Grand Prix 6th John Tanner
8-May-93 Stage Skelton Two-Day (Stage 1 TT) 2nd Matt Illingworth
8-May-93 Stage Skelton Two-Day (Stage 2) 2nd Matt Illingworth
9-May-93 Stage Skelton Two-Day (Stage 3) 1st  
9-May-93 StageRace Skelton Two-Day 1st Overall  
16-May-93 RR Lincoln Grand Prix 11th Keith Reynolds
23-May-93 RR Club Electric Grand Prix 5th Brian Smith
12-Jun-93 StageRace The Milk Race 43rd Overall Chris Lillywhite
20-Jun-93 RR Tom Simpson Memorial Road Race 3rd Wayne Randle
27-Jun-93 RR 'Big Hitters' Road Race 1st  
4-Jul-93 TTT National 100km TTT Championship   North Wirral 2-04-52
Dinnington 2-11-16
19-Jul-93 Stage Team Mirage (Stage 1 TT) 1st  
19-Jul-93 Stage Team Mirage (Stage 2) 1st  
20-Jul-93 StageRace Team Mirage Two-Day 1st Overall  
27-Jul-93 MotorPace National Motor-Pace Championship 1st  
30-Jul-93 TeamPur' National Team Pursuit Championship 3rd North Wirral
8-Aug-93 RR AXA Equity & Law Grand Prix 1st  
22-Aug-93 RR Mike Binks Memorial Road Race 1st  
28-Aug-93 Stage Tour of the Sandybacks (Stage 1 TT) 1st  
28-Aug-93 Stage Tour of the Sandybacks (Stage 2) 1st  
29-Aug-93 Stage Tour of the Sandybacks (Stage 3) 1st  
29-Aug-93 StageRace Tour of the Sandybacks 1st Overall  
4-Sep-93 StageRace Hanson Tour of South Africa 3rd Overall W. Endebrekete (SA)
20-Sep-93 RR Tour of the Pennines 1st  
26-Sep-93 RR National Amateur Road Race Championship 12th Rob Harris
2-Oct-93 Crit' Eastway Circuit Race 1st  
29-Nov-93 Award Les Johnson Memorial Award    
31-Dec-93 Series Premier Calendar Series 5th Overall