Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
1-Mar-91   Star Trophy Preview    
1-Apr-91 Hilly Cleveland Coureurs Post House TT 1st (1-0-5)
7-Apr-91 RR Archer Grand Prix 5th Steve Farrell
9-Apr-91 Stage Tour of Majorca (Stage 1) 2nd J.A. Espinosa (Spain)
14-Apr-91 StageRace Tour of Majorca 10th V. Kozarek (Chec)
21-Apr-91 RR Hope Valley Classic 3rd Chris Boardman
7-May-91 Stage Tour of Lancashire (Prologue) 2nd Chris Boardman
9-May-91 StageRace Tour of Lancashire 10th Overall Chris Boardman
12-May-91 RR Lincoln Grand Prix 1st  
18-May-91 Stage Sunbrite Coal (Stage 1) 3rd Alan Gornall
19-May-91 Stage Sunbrite Coal (Stage 2 TT) 1st  
21-May-91 StageRace Sunbrite Coal Two-Day 2nd Overall Pete Longbottom
27-May-91 Stage The Milk Race (Prologue) 4th Jon Clay
29-May-91 Stage The Milk Race (Stage 2) 8th Simeon Hempsall
11-Jun-91 StageRace The Milk Race 6th Overall Chris Walker
15-Jun-91 '10' Richmond & Darlington Open '10' 1st (20-40)
21-Jun-91 RR Manx International Road Race 15th Christophe Mengin
30-Jun-91 RR National Amateur Road Race Championship 7th John Hughes
4-Jul-91 '10' Teesside RC Open '10' 1st (20-10)
7-Jul-91 RR Bristol Grand Prix 4th Matthew Postle
10-Jul-91 '10' Houghton CC Open '10' 1st (20-23)
16-Jul-91 TTT National 100km TTT Championship 1st  
21-Jul-91 RR Musselburgh Road Race 2nd Steve Farrell
28-Jul-91 RR Tour of the Cotswolds 7th Steve Farrell
4-Aug-91 RR North East Star Trophy 5th Steve Farrell
10-Aug-91 Crit' Islington Circuit Race - Eastway 1st  
13-Aug-91 RR AXA Equity and Law Grand Prix 1st  
17-Aug-91 '25' Cleveland Coureurs Open '25'   G. Butler 50-37 (Paul 51-02)
21-Aug-91 Crit' Sunderland Town Centre Criterium 3rd David Williams
24-Aug-91 Stage Stanco Exhibitions (Stage 1) 1st  
24-Aug-91 Stage Stanco Exhibitions (Stage 2) 6th Matthew Postle
25-Aug-91 Stage Stanco Exhibitions (Stage 3 TT) 1st  
26-Aug-91 StageRace Stanco Exhibitions Three-Day 1st Overall  
28-Aug-91 Scratch Clairville 20km Scratch 1st  
31-Aug-91 Crit' Hardisty Criterium 1st  
1-Sep-91 RR Scalby Road Race 1st  
3-Sep-91 Crit' Sunderland Cycling Festival Criterium 1st  
8-Sep-91 RR Tour of the Peak 7th John Charlesworth
22-Sep-91 RR Joe Robinson Memorial Road Race 2nd Pete Longbottom
28-Sep-91 '10' West Yorkshire Police Open '10' 1st (22-20)
29-Sep-91 RR Hardisty Australian Pursuit 1st  
31-Dec-91 Series Star Trophy Series 2nd Overall Steve Farrell