Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
8-Jan-90   Curran for Crown    
11-Mar-90 Crit' Hartlepool Criterium 2nd Andy Chatterton
18-Mar-90 Crit' Hartlepool Criterium 1st  
25-Mar-90 Hilly Porthole Grand Prix 3rd Chris Boardman
3-Apr-90 '25' Chester Le Street Open '25' 1st  
14-Apr-90 Stage Letchworth Two-Day (Stage 1) 5th  
14-Apr-90 Stage Letchworth Two-Day (Stage 2) 5th  
15-Apr-90 Stage Letchworth Two-Day (Stage 3) 9th  
15-Apr-90 StageRace Letchworth Two-Day 6th Overall Joey McLoughlin
2-May-90 Stage Tour of Lancashire (Stage 2) 6th  
3-May-90 Stage Tour of Lancashire (Stage 3 TT) 6th  
4-May-90 Stage Tour of Lancashire (Stage 4) 8th  
5-May-90 Stage Tour of Lancashire (Stage 5) 9th  
6-May-90 StageRace Tour of Lancashire 6th Overall Keith Reynolds
30-May-90 Stage The Milk Race (Stage 4) 1st  
7-Jul-90 RR Tour of the Bronte Land 4th Chris Walker
10-Jul-90 RR Bishopton Australian Pursuit 1st  
15-Jul-90 RR Humberside Trophy International 10th Malcolm Elliot
22-Jul-90 RR Road Race Championship of Wales 3rd  
29-Jul-90 Omnium National Professional Omnium Championship 4th Gary Coltman
30-Jul-90 Points Raleigh Grand Prix 1st  
30-Jul-90 Scratch Foster's Trophy 9th Jon Walshaw
12-Aug-90 RR Saltburn Grand Prix 2nd Joey McLoughlin
31-Aug-90 StageRace Kellogg's Tour of Britain DNF  
15-Sep-90 '10' Middridge CRT Open '10' 1st  
22-Sep-90 Crit' Eastway Circuit Race 2nd  
7-Oct-90 Hilly Merseyside Wheelers Invitation TT 2nd C. Boardman 1-15-01
31-Dec-90   Curran calls it off