Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
7-Mar-92 '10' Clifton CC Open '10' 1st (22-06)
8-Mar-92 RR Neil White Memorial Road Race 3rd Mike Milen
15-May-92   March - May: Double pneumonia    
31-May-92 RR ?? Division Road Race Championship 15th Neil Martin
2-Jun-92 RR Bishopton Handicap Road Race 1st  
7-Jun-92 RR Mike Binks Memorial Road Race 1st  
9-Jun-92 RR Bishopton Handicap Road Race 3rd Tony McKenna
20-Jun-92 RR Neilson Grand Prix 4th John Tanner
21-Jun-92 RR Ferryhill Wheelers Australian Pursuit 1st  
23-Jun-92 RR Bishopton Handicap Road Race 2nd P. Keavney
28-Jun-92 RR Manchester Wheelers Grand Prix 13th John Charlesworth
5-Jul-92 RR Bristol Grand Prix 14th Mark McKay
21-Jul-92 Points Cleveland Games Points Race 1st  
21-Jul-92 Devil Cleveland Games Devil 1st  
22-Jul-92 Scratch Cleveland 8km Scratch 2nd Stephen Clarke
22-Jul-92 Scratch Cleveland Grand Prix 20km Scratch 1st  
26-Jul-92 RR Stan Robson Memorial Road Race 1st  
31-Jul-92 TTT National 100km TTT Championship 2nd  
2-Aug-92 RR Echo Grand Prix 1st  
9-Aug-92 RR VC York Road Race 2nd P. Barrett
29-Aug-92 Stage Tour of the Sandybacks (Stage 1) 2nd Mark Lovatt
29-Aug-92 Stage Tour of the Sandybacks (Stage 2 TT) 2nd Pete Longbottom
30-Aug-92 Stage Tour of the Sandybacks (Stage 3) 3rd Aaron McCaffrey
30-Aug-92 StageRace Tour of the Sandybacks 1st  
5-Sep-92 RR Ulverston Charter Road Race 1st  
15-Sep-92 RR National Amateur Road Race Championship 3rd Simon Bray
22-Sep-92 RR Solihull Classic Road Race 1st  
26-Sep-92 '10' VC Cumbria Open '10' 1st (21-27)