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Rookie Curran takes Star Trophy


1. Curran 65pts
2. J. Tonks (Penn CC) 52
3. A. Gornall 46

March 17, Grand Prix of Essex

ALAN GORNALL (GS Strada-Austins Steel) 60m in 2-30-34; 2, P. Bateman (Chesterfield Coureurs) at 1sec; 3, S. Rigby (Featherstone RC) at 3sec; 4, E. Rooney (VC Slough) at 9sec; 5, N. Barnes ('34 Nomads); 6, J. Cavanagh (Kirby CC); 7, K. Byers (Paragon RT); 8, K. Davis (Cherry Valley RT); 9, P. Longbottom (Manchester Wh); 10, K. Reynolds (Paragon RT) all st.

March 31, Wincanton Wheels International GP.

PETE SANDERS (Manchester Wh-Trumanns Steel) 108m in 4-22-32; 2, J. Carlsen (Denmark) st; 3, T. Stevens (34 Nomads) at 20sec; 4, K. De Hooyer (Hol) at 3lsec; 5, N. Miller (VC Olympia Sport); 6, K. Reynolds (Paragon RT); 7, P. Curran (Manchester Wh); 8, A. Timmis (Paragon RT) all st; 9, A. Gornall (GS Strada) at 3-21; 10, R. Van Der Haegen (B) st.

May 12, Lincoln GP

DARRYL WEBSTER (Manchester Wh-Trumanns Steel) l00m in 4-1-15; 2, P. Sanders (Manchester Wh) at 47sec; 3, P. Longbottom (Manchester Wh) at 48sec; 4, J. Williams (Manchester Wh) at 49sec; 5, P. Watson (Alpha RC) at 50sec; 6, I. Sanders (S Yorks RC) at 2-1; 7, K. Smith (Clayton Velo) st; 8, P. Curran (Manchester Wh) at 2-26; 9, P. Wilkins (VC Nottingham) at 3-25; 10, A. Green (VC Etoile) st.

May 19, VAT Watkins GP

CHRIS LILLYWHITE (Dinnington RC-ldeal Insurance) 96m in 3-38-14; 2, J. Tonks (Penn CC); 3, P. Sanders (Manchester Wh); 4, K. Byers (Paragon RT); 5, T. Morgan (VC Olympia Sport); 6. T. Stevens ('34 Nomads); 7, P. Bateman (Chesterfield Coureurs); 8, K. Gray (VC Nottingham); 9, A. Eagers (Zenith CC); 10, A. Timmis (Paragon RT) all st.

June 16. Cleveland East Coast Classic

PAUL CURRAN (Manchester Wh-Trumanns Steel) 107m in 4-17-15; 2, D. Williams (Southport RCC) at 9sec; 3, T. Stevens (34 Nomads) at 24sec; 4, P. Longbottom (Manchester Wh); 5, D. Whitehall (Greenock RC); 6, A. Gornall (GS Strada); 7, J. Williams (Manchester Wh); 8, S. Farrell (GS Strada); 9, A. Hitchins (Mid-Devon RC); 10, K. Byers (Paragon RT), all st.

June 21. Manx International

PAUL CURRAN (Great Britain) 113m in 5-34-7; 2, S. Porter (Manx RC); 3, S. Farrell (GS Strada); 4, P. Van Passell (Ho); 5, F. Gamier (Fr) all st; 6, D. Arbault (Fr) at 1-45; 7, J. Tonks (Penn CC); 8, K. Smith (Clayton
Velo); 9, A. Gornall (England) all st; 10, W. Wieme (Hol) at 4-41.

July 7, Kenning GP

JOHN TONKS (Penn CC-Renault) 90m in 3-57-0; 2, K. Reynolds (Paragon RT); 3, D. Melling (VC Nottingham); 4, P. Longbottom (Manchester Wh) all st; 5, K. Jones (Wales) at 32sec; 6, J. Clay (Leeds RRC) at 35sec; 7, J. Cavanagh (Kirkby CC) at 40sec; 8, A. Gornall (GS Strada) at 53sec; 9, D. Davie (Manchester Wh) at 58sec; 10, D. Spencer (Charnwood CRC) at 3-8.

July 14, Bristol GP

DARRYL WEBSTER (Manchester Wh,Trumanns Steel) 106m in 4-9-30; 2, D. Davie (Manchester Wh) at 32sec; 3, D. Spencer (Charnwood CRC) st; 4, G. Baker (Anglia Sport) at 1-40; 5, J. Williams (Manchester Wh); 6, P. Longbottom (Manchester Wh); 7, P. Barratt (Team Zoyland); 8, P. Bateman (Chesterfield Coureurs); 9, B. Luckwell (Team Zoyland); 10, A. Timmis (Paragon RT), all st.

July 27, National amateur road race championship

PAUL WATSON (Alpha RC-Corley) 113m in 4-45-20; 2, J. Williams (Manchester Wh) at 5sec; 3, P. Curran (Manchester Wh) at 2-35; 4. D. Webster (Manchester Wh) st; 5, D. Mann (Bradford Wh) at 2-36; 6, M. Young (Chesterfield Coureurs) at 3-11; 7, W. Randle (Birdwell Wh) at 4-52; 8, T. Stevens ('34 Nomads); 10, S. Cook (Calleva CRC) both st.

August 4, Tour of the Cotswolds

JOHN TONKS (Penn CC-Renault) l10m in 4-38-0; 2, P. Watson (Alpha RC); 3, P. Longbottom (Manchester Wh) both st; 4, P. Curran (Manchester Wh) at 15sec; 5, I. Smith (Bradford Wh) at 1-0; 6, P. Axe (S Yorks RC); 7, P. Bateman (Chesterfield Coureurs) both st; 8, I. Taylor (Welsh CU) at 1-55; 9. A. Gornall (GS Strada) at 3-0; 10, S. Farrell (GS Strada) st.

September 8, Tour of the Peak

ALAN GORNALL (GS Strada-Austins Steel) 91m in 4-5-23; 2, P. Curran (Manchester Wh) at 45sec; 3, C.
Theakston (Hull Thursday RC) st; 4, J. Clay (Leeds RRC) at 1-15; 5, J. Tonks (Penn CC) at 2-43; 6, P.
Longbottom (Manchester Wh); 7, M. Reed (Ribble Valley CRC); 8, B. Luckwell (Team Zoyland); 9, M.
Young (Chesterfield Coureurs); 10, D. Webster (Manchester Wh), all st.