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Star Trophy - Lincoln Grand Prix

Curran's in mood for Milk

PAUL CURRAN confirmed his Milk Race selection by finishing eighth in the 30th Lincoln Grand Prix, which boasted the biggest-ever field of Britain's best amateur racing cyclists.

As expected, Manchester Wheelers dominated the event over a 100-mile course, which is the third counting race in the season-long Star Trophy.

Curran followed his Manchester team-mates around the eight-and-a-half mile circuit, finishing behind Darryl Webster, Pete Saunders, Pete Longbottom and Jeff Williams in that order.

Aggressive riding through the city streets and up the cobbled climbs earned Curran his high placing, from a field of 90 riders. His Milk Race selection, set to start next Sunday, is only what was anticipated after such an outstanding start to the road race season. And it answers some critics who claimed he could never switch successfully from the track to the road.


1. DARRYL WEBSTER (Manchester Wh-Trumanns Steel) 100m in 4-1-15
2. P. Sanders (Manchester Wh) at 47sec
3. P. Longbottom (Manchester Wh) at 48sec
4. J. Williams (Manchester Wh) at 49sec
5. P. Watson (Alpha RC) at 50sec
6. I. Sanders (S Yorks RC) at 2-1
7. K. Smith (Clayton Velo) st
8. P. Curran (Manchester Wh) at 2-26
9. P. Wilkins (VC Nottingham) at 3-25
10. A. Green (VC Etoile) st.