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Wolverhampton 50km Madison

Wheelers' duo take Wolves 50km Madison

MANCHESTER Wheelers-Trumanns team of Paul Curran and Hugh Cameron showed their class in the 50-kilometre Madison at Wolverhampton Stadium, taking 31 points to win the event, from the 17 teams.

The local Penn CC team of John Tonks and Andrew Morgan, two 19 year olds, pushed the Manchester Wheelers pair all the way but lost out in the sprints to the more experienced Curran and Cameron, and had the indignity of being penalised a lap when Tonks switched in the home straight, and which pushed them down into third place with 10 points, behind Kenny Knight (VC Equipe) and Levon Pegg (Halesowen ACC) with eight points.


1. Paul Curran, Hugh Cameron (Manchester Wh) 31pts
2. Kenny Knight (VC Equipe), Levon Pegg (Halesowen ACC) 8pts
3. At one lap; John Tonks, Andrew Morgan (Penn CC) 10pts