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Teesside Cycling Association Hill Climb

Curran's race double

STOCKTON WHEELER junior Paul Curran completed the Cleveland time trial season by repeating his 1976 win in the Teesside Cycling Association hill climb at Kildale.

Curran who earned his first place in a Great Britain junior representative team at Clairville Stadium in September, covered the half-mile long 1-in-6 climb in 2min 33.7sec.

Finishing his first competitive season in fine style, Cleveland Wheeler Richard Young claimed second place with his 2min 44.5sec performance.

A regular among the leading places in recent runnings of this well established end of season test, Martin Bourner of the Hartlepool-Cameron Strongarm club took 1.9 seconds longer than Young on his way to third position, after taking the runners-up spot the previous year.


Keith Wesson, a former winner of the event, continued to keep Cleveland Wheelers to the fore with his 2min 54sec ride, finishing in fourth position.

Cleveland Coureurs fastest was Steven Foy, who finished fifth, recording 3min 1.5sec.

Although there was no team award, John Johnson in eighth place completed the fastest three-man aggregate with his 3min 5.9sec for Cleveland Wheelers.


1. Paul Curran (Stockton Wh) 2-33.7
2. Richard Young (Cleveland Wh) 2-44.5
3. Martin Bourner (Hartlepool Cameron Strongarm) 2-46.4
4. Keith Wesson (Cleveland Wh) 2-54.0
5. Steven Foy (Cleveland Coureurs) 3-01.5