Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
25-Feb-96 RR Clayton Velo Spring Classic 1st  
3-Mar-96 RR Universal Cycle Centre Road Race 1st  
10-Mar-96 RR Neil White Memorial Pursuit 1st  
17-Mar-96 RR Grand Prix of Essex Last! Wayne Randle
24-Mar-96 RR Ashfield Classic 2nd Wayne Randle
31-Mar-96 RR VC Chesterfield Road Race 2nd Mark Lovatt
8-Apr-96 StageRace Girvan Three-Day 12th Overall Dave Williams
14-Apr-96 RR Archer Grand Prix 18th Gary Baker
21-Apr-96 StageRace Chairmans Two-Day 12th Overall Gary Speight
28-Apr-96 StageRace Land's Classic Two-Day 8th Overall John Tanner
3-May-96 Stage Tour of Lancashire (Stage 2) 4th Chris Newton
6-May-96 StageRace Tour of Lancashire 33rd Overall Chris Newton
11-May-96 '10' Crathorn Open '10' 1st (21-09)
12-May-96 RR Rutland Road Race 1st  
21-May-96 RR Lincoln Grand Prix 2nd Kevin Dawson
25-May-96 Stage Tour of the Kingdom (Stage 1) 4th Mark Walsham
26-May-96 Stage Tour of the Kingdom (Stage 2) 4th Overall Brian Smith
26-May-96 StageRace Tour of the Kingdom Two-Day 5th Brian Smith
2-Jun-96 RR North Midlands Division Road Race Championship 9th Kevin Dawson
9-Jun-96 RR Joe Robinson Memorial Road Race 1st  
16-Jun-96 RR Tom Simpson Memorial Road Race 2nd Mark Walsham
23-Jun-96 '50' National '50' Championship 3rd R. Prebble 1-44-00 (Paul 1-46-18)
23-Jun-96 Team National '50' Championship - Team 1st  
29-Jun-96 MotorPace National Motor-Pace Championship 1st  
7-Jul-96 StageRace Aberdeenshire Classic Two-Day 2nd Overall John Tanner
21-Jul-96 RR Stan Robson Memorial Road Race 1st  
28-Jul-96 '100' National '100' Championship 11th A. Wilkinson 3-43-27 (Paul 3-53-46)
28-Jul-96 Team National '100' Championship - Team 1st  
4-Aug-96 RR Tour of the Cotswolds 2nd Mark McKay
11-Aug-96 RR Mike Binks Memorial Road Race 1st  
15-Aug-96 MadPurs' Manchester Track Meeting 'Madison Pursuit' 1st  
17-Aug-96 2-Up Cleveland Coureurs Two-Up '10' 1st (19-34)
18-Aug-96 '25' Knaresborough RT Open '25' 1st (52-59)
22-Aug-96 MadPurs' Manchester Track Meeting 'Madison Pursuit' 2nd  
26-Aug-96 StageRace On the Edge Two-Day 14th Overall Matt Stephens
8-Sep-96 Pursuit World Masters 3,000m Pursuit (35-39) 1st  
8-Sep-96 Points World Masters 30km Points Race (35-39) 1st  
17-Sep-96 RR Tour of the North Pennines Race Stopped