Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
8-Jan-87 Award C.A. Rhodes Memorial Award    
1-Mar-87 RR Kent Valley Road Race 1st  
10-Mar-87 Hilly Knaresborough Hilly 2nd Jon Walshaw
15-Mar-87 RR Grand Prix of Essex 1st  
29-Mar-87 Hilly Porthole Grand Prix 2nd D. Webster 47-44 (Paul 48-27)
4-Apr-87 Hilly Roxby Wheelers Hilly 1st  
5-Apr-87 RR Northern Velo Road Race 1st  
12-Apr-87 RR Grand Prix Poggiridenti 9th ? (Russia)
26-Apr-87 StageRace Manchester to Rhyl Two-Day 10th Overall Dave Rayner
10-May-87 RR Lincoln Grand Prix 1st  
30-May-87 StageRace The Milk Race 33rd Overall Malcolm Elliot
7-Jun-87 RR Manchester Division Road Race Championship 2nd Deno Davie
9-Jun-87 RR Ferryhill Wheelers Australian Pursuit 1st  
13-Jun-87 TTT National 100km TTT Championship 1st  
14-Jun-87 Crit' C.R. Smith Pro-Am Grand Prix (Dunfermline) 4th B. Smith
16-Jun-87 RR Ferryhill Wheelers Australian Pursuit 2nd B. Hart
19-Jun-87 RR Manx International Road Race 3rd Darryl Webster
21-Jun-87 RR Manchester Wheelers Road Race 3rd Deno Davie
23-Jun-87 Crit' South Shields 'Geordie' Criterium 2nd Stuart Coles
25-Jun-87 RR Skelton Carnival Road Road 1st  
28-Jun-87 RR Welwyn-Hatfield Grand Prix 1st  
30-Jun-87 RR Bishopton Australian Pursuit 4th Dave Lund
5-Jul-87 RR Vaux Grand Prix 1st  
7-Jul-87 RR Cleveland Coureurs Australian Pursuit 1st  
12-Jul-87 RR Bristol Grand Prix 1st  
19-Jul-87 RR Cleveland Coureurs Australian Pursuit 1st  
19-Jul-87 RR National Amateur Road Race Championship 1st  
21-Jul-87 RR Cleveland Coureurs Australian Pursuit 1st  
25-Jul-87 StageRace Saltburn Pro/Am Two-Day 4th Overall Phil Thomas
31-Jul-87 TTT Friesland International 100km TTT 3rd Holland 2-3-34
2-Aug-87 RR Tour of the Cotswolds 1st  
03-Aug-87 Points National 50km Points Race Championship 2nd A. Wood
05-Aug-87 TeamPur' National Team Pursuit Championship 1st  
11-Aug-87 Stage Hainaut Tour (Stage 4) 3rd Olaf Ludwig (EG)
13-Aug-87 Stage Hainaut Tour (Stage ?) 4th ?
15-Aug-87 StageRace Hainaut Tour (Belgium) 3rd Overall Mario Kummer (EG)
22-Aug-87 '10' Stockton Wheelers Open '10' 1st (20-49)
23-Aug-87 RR Derwent Reservior Road Race 1st  
30-Aug-87 RR Highgate Classic Road Race 2nd Deno Davie
5-Sep-87 RR World Amateur Road Race Championship DNF Richard Vivien (Fr)
13-Sep-87 RR Tour of the Peak 1st  
19-Sep-87 Hilly Cramlington CC 'Hilly' 1st  
20-Sep-87 RR Saxton Road Race 1st  
26-Sep-87 Stage Tour of North Yorkshire (Stage 2 TT) 1st  
27-Sep-87 Stage Tour of North Yorkshire (Stage 3) 1st  
27-Sep-87 StageRace Tour of North Yorkshire 6th Overall Pete Longbottom
4-Oct-87 RR Houghton Feast Cycle Race 3rd J. Ridings
10-Oct-87 Hilly Roxby Wheelers Open Hilly 1st  
11-Oct-87 Hill climb Roxby Wheelers Open Hill Climb 1st  
18-Oct-87 2-Up VC Leeds 'Peugeot Trophy' Two-Up '25' 1st  
25-Oct-87 Hill climb National Hill Climb Championship 1st  
25-Oct-87 Team National Hill Climb Championship (Team) 1st  
31-Dec-87 Series Star Trophy Series 1st