Date Type Race Pos'n Winner & Time
9-Mar-85 '10' Clifton CC Open '10' 1st (21-49)
10-Mar-85 RR Hartlepool Criterium 1st  
17-Mar-85 RR Hartlepool Road Race 1st  
24-Mar-85 '25' Porthole Grand Prix 3rd D. Webster 59-48, Paul 1-1-15
31-Mar-85 RR Archer Grand Prix 7th Pete Sanders
6-Apr-85 Stage Girvan Three-Day (Stage 1) 1st  
6-Apr-85 Stage Girvan Three-Day (Stage 2) 4th John Kennedy
7-Apr-85 Stage Girvan Three-Day (Stage 3) 3rd Phil Wilkins
8-Apr-85 Stage Girvan Three-Day (Stage 4) 2nd Paul Watson
8-Apr-85 StageRace Girvan Three-Day 1st Overall  
14-Apr-85 RR John Gill-Daihatsu Road Race 1st  
26-Apr-85 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 1) 3rd Cornelisse (Fr)
27-Apr-85 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 2) 2nd Patrick Hosotte (Fr)
28-Apr-85 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 3) 1st  
30-Apr-85 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 5) 5th Pascal Lance (FR) 24-34, Paul 25-19
1-May-85 Stage Circuit des Mines (Stage 6) 1st  
1-May-85 StageRace Circuit des Mines 2nd Overall Pascal Lance (FR)
5-May-85 RR Roxby Wheelers Spring RR 1st  
12-May-85 RR Lincoln Grand Prix 8th Darryl Webster
20-May-85 Stage The Milk Race (Prologue) 9th Malcolm Elliot
21-May-85 Stage The Milk Race (Stage 2) 9th J. Travbnicek (Czech)
23-May-85 Stage The Milk Race (Stage 3) 3rd Jozef Regec (Czech)
4-Jun-85 Stage The Milk Race (Stage 11) 2nd Malcolm Elliot
8-Jun-85 StageRace The Milk Race 4th Overall Eric Van Lancker (Bel)
16-Jun-85 RR East Coast Classic 1st  
18-Jun-85 RR Ferryhill Wheelers Australian Pursuit 1st  
21-Jun-85 RR Manx International Road Race 1st  
25-Jun-85 RR Ferryhill Wheelers Australian Pursuit 1st  
29-Jun-85 Pursuit Wolverhampton Track Meeting Individual Pursuit 1st  
29-Jun-85 Madison Wolverhampton Track Meeting Madison 1st  
7-Jul-85 TTT National 100km Team Time Trial Championship 1st  
14-Jul-85 RR Echo Grand Prix 1st  
19-Jul-85 Madison Leicester Track Meeting Madison 1st  
20-Jul-85 Derny Leicester Track Meeting Derny Pace 1st  
21-Jul-85 RR Ashington Road Race 4th I. Norris
27-Jul-85 RR National Amateur Road Race Championship 3rd Paul Watson
4-Aug-85 RR Tour of the Cotswolds 4th Jon Tonks
6-Aug-85 Points National 50km Points Race Championship 1st  
10-Aug-85 TeamPur' National Team Pursuit Championship 1st  
14-Aug-85 Stage Tour of Normandy (Stage 2) 6th Stoycheau (Bel)
15-Aug-85 Stage Tour of Normandy (Stage 3) 1st  
16-Aug-85 Stage Tour of Normandy (Stage 4) 7th Van Loon (NL)
17-Aug-85 Stage Tour of Normandy (Stage 5) 2nd P.Kimmage (IRL)
18-Aug-85 Stage Tour of Normandy (Stage 7) 7th Abedie (Fr)
18-Aug-85 StageRace Tour of Normandy 1st Overall  
31-Aug-85 RR World Amateur Road Race Championship 39th ? Poland)
9-Sep-85 RR Tour of the Peak 2nd Alan Gornall
15-Sep-85 RR Ken Gee Memorial Road Race 1st  
28-Sep-85 RR Grafton to Inverell Classic 1st  
12-Nov-85 StageRace Commonwealth Bank Classic 18th Overall Ed Schurer (Swit)
15-Nov-85 StageRace Blue Mountains Classic 13th Overall Thomas Wegmuller
19-Nov-85 Stage Chartwell Classic (Stage 3) 1st TTT
19-Nov-85 Stage Chartwell Classic (Stage 4) 1st  
26-Nov-85 Stage Healing Classic (Stage 3) 1st  
26-Nov-85 Stage Healing Classic (Stage 9) 2nd  
25-Dec-85 '10' Teesside Clarion '10' 1st  
31-Dec-85 Series Star Trophy Series 1st  
31-Dec-85 Award B.C.F. Certificate of Merit