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NATIONAL Points Race Championship

Sturgess makes it a triple

Sturgess added a third gold medal to his collection when he dominated the 50-kilometre points race, lapping the field with his team-mate Simon Lillistone then adding insult to injury by winning the final sprint to gain maximum points.

With a third of the race covered, Sturgess broke away with team-mates Lillistone and Guy Rowland, Spencer Wingrave (Old Kent CC) and M. Robertson (City of Edinburgh RC).

Alastair Wood (Dinnington RC) - the defending champion - was dropped with 100 laps to go, while Paul Curran (Manchester Wheelers) and Robert Coull (Dinnington RC) pursuited to the break. Coull dropped Curran, but latched on to Robertson, only to drop him.

In a seven-lap chase Curran reached the break, but as soon as he made the junction so Sturgess and Lillistone attacked, and in two laps they had gained the vital lap.

Sixteen riders were left with 30 laps to go, and with nine laps left Sturgess, Simon Duckitt (Leeds RRC) and Paul Wain (Dinnington RC) broke away again.

Sturgess, easily the fastest man on the track, simply rode away on the final sprint to take the double points. "This victory is probably my best one of the championships," said Sturgess. "There were people who doubted me in this points race, and I don't think I have got my just deserts in the past. Personally I was satisfied as I knew I would win the pursuit."

There had been plans for him to ride a pursuit against Dean Woods, the Commonwealth Games pursuit champion, in the special Pirelli Grand Prix meeting on the Saturday, but he had declined. Why?

"It was a bit too near to the Olympics, and it was obvious that he would know something of my form.

"I said I would get to the last eight last year in the world championship, now I say I will get in the last four at the Olympics. Having said that, there is always the surprise element. Last year it was Colin Sturgess. Who knows this year?"


1. COLIN STURGESS (Team Haverhill-Taylors Foundry) 53pts
2. Simon Lillistone (Team Haverhill) 19, at 1 lap
3. Paul Curran (Manchester Wh) 45
4. G. Rowland (Team Haverhill) 43
5. N. Crosthwaite (N Wolts RC) 32
6. R. Coull (Dinnington RC) 26
7. S. Wingrave (Old Kent CC) 22
8. P. Wain (Dinnington RC) 18
9. S. Duckitt (Leeds RRC) 11
10. M. Gledhill (Beacon RCC) 9
11. B. Burns (Paragon RT) 8
12. N. Dring (Ratae RC) 7
13. R. Kennison (Dinnington RC) 1
14. M. Perrett (Ratae RC) 1
15. I. Thompson (Poly CC) 0
16. G. Giddings (Stratos CRT) 0.