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Hainaut - Occidental Tour

Curran stops clean sweep by Germans in Belgium

Britain's world amateur road race team performed well in the Belgian Hainaut eight-day, with Paul Curran spoiling an East German clean sweep by finishing third overall behind Mario Kumer and Olaf Ludwig and ahead of Uwe Raab.

"The whole team performed well at some point in the race, which was what we wanted to send them to the World's in good heart," said National Road Coach Bernard Burns.

Curran had a third and fourth stage placings and also finished third in the mountains competition.

The Britons' best day was the penultimate stage, won by 1983 world champion Raab, with John Tonks second, Wayne Randle third and Nick Barnes fifth.

Barnes lost time early on, suffering with his chest, but he recovered to collect two fourth places on stages.

Randle had more than his share of bad luck, breaking a gear lever and going off course, but he still managed to finish third in the points competition.

The only non-finisher was Deno Davie who crashed out of the race and was kept in hospital for observation overnight after suffering a head injury.


1. MARIO KUMER (East Germany) 26-11-18
2. Olaf Ludwig (EG) at 8-23
3. Paul Curran (GB) at 8-59
4. Uwe Raab (EG) at 10-37
5. Pascal Lance (Fr)
6. F. Van Den Ablle (B)
7. L. Beuzot (Fr)
8. F. Boden (EG)
9. U. Zedler (EG)
20. J. Tonks (GB)
32. G. Baker (GB)
49. N. Barnes (GB)
59. W. Randle (GB).