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NATIONAL Team Time Trial Championship

Curran & Co. crush rivals

WINNING has now become second nature to local roadman, Paul Curran, whose switch from the track, where he also excelled at Olympic level, to the road, has at long last brought him the recognition at national level which he so richly deserves.

In the RTTC 100-kilometre national team time trial championship in North Nottinghamshire, the Thornaby-based rider added to his string of victories this year.

He was a member of the four-man Manchester Wheelers team which crossed the line in a time of 2hrs 8min 45sec, a huge 2min 28sec ahead of second-placed '34 Nomads.

Riding with Curran were Darryl and Martin Webster and Brian Phillips who displayed the kind of disciplined riding that is the hallmark of the team time trial.

The four, who know each others style well, were a formidable team, much superior on the day to the other 24 teams who recorded a time in the event.

Paul Curran misses the Lunn Poly Grand Prix, a Star Trophy counting event at Bristol, but instead rides in Sundays Echo 75 mile Grand Prix at Sunderland (11 a.m.).


1. Manchester Wheelers (D & M Webster, B. Phillips, P. Curran) 2hrs 8mins 45secs
2. 34th Nomads 2hrs 10mins 18secs
3. G. S. Strada 2hrs 11mins 13secs