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Porthole Grand Prix

Lloyd excels as rival punctures

DAVE LLOYD (Manchester Wheelers-Trumanns) won for a second successive year as Tony Doyle (RMC), the former world pursuit champion, was put out of the running by a puncture in yesterday's Porthole Grand Prix 25-mile TT around Lake Windermere.

Lloyd, although 31 seconds outside his own course record in far from ideal conditions, was always up on Doyle, who would certainly have finished second had he not punctured with seven miles to go, losing an estimated two minutes.

Lloyd crossed the line in 58 minutes, 28 seconds with Paul Curran (Stockton Wheelers) taking second place from Doyle by just 15 seconds in 1-0-23.


1. Dave Lloyd (Manchester Wh) 58-28
2. Paul Curran (Stockton Wh) 1-0-23
3. Tony Doyle (RMC) 1-0-38