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Cleveland Coureurs Open '10'

Davison leads Coureurs to double victory

WINNING his club's ten-mile time trial on Saturday afternoon with a 24-6 performance, Cliff Davison was well backed by his clubmates, Peter Bate and Rob Robinson, who tied for fourth place with 24-40 to establish a Cleveland Coureur team win.

Stockton Wheelers' junior, Paul Curran, covered the A19 course, starting near Crathorne, in 24-36 to be second, finishing three seconds faster than Kevin Douglas (Hull).

A 24-57 ride put Whitby Wheeler-Blenkey Cycles Chris Greaves into sixth position. Ferryhill Wheeler Roger Anderson, with 25-9 and Teesside Clarion's fast veteran, Arthur Hutchinson, who recorded 25-28 filled the next two places.

Hambleton's Dave Wilson put his 4-20 allowance to good use, winning the handicap section with his 26-50.


1. Cliff Davison (Cleveland Coureurs) 24-06
2. Paul Curran (Stockton Wh) 24-36
3. Kevin Douglas (Hull) 24-39
=4. Peter Bate, Rob Robinson (Cleveland Coureurs) 24-40
6. Chris Greaves (Whitby Wh) 24-57
7. Roger Anderson (Ferryhill Wh) 25-09
8. Arthur Hutchinson (Teesside Clarion) 25-28